Natural Reed Diffuser 精油香氛擴香

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Small plant workshop fragrance expansion ~ natural plant extract flavor, fragrance more natural; imported natural solvents, environmentally friendly and harmless; perfume alcohol formula, the fragrance is mild and does not sting fee, evaporation uniform and long-lasting!

[Size] 100ml glass bottle size: width 6.5cm x height 7cm
[Size] 250ml glass bottle size: width 7.5cm x height 11.5cm
[Preservation] unopened can be stored for three years.
[Storage] Fiber Stick – 8pcs/pack
[Used] Small ping space about 3-4 ping Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and smaller living spaces.

Made of natural raw materials, please place in a cool place, avoid sunlight to avoid deterioration Main material; essential oils (spices) plant extracts, volatile solution ~

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Modern life is very stressful, many people will have a cup of tea or coffee in the holiday afternoon to calm the busy mind, through the small-plant fragrance to relieve the tense mood!

Natural plant extract flavor, fragrance more natural; imported natural solvents, environmentally friendly and harmless; perfume alcohol formula, mild flavor does not sting fee, evaporation uniform and long-lasting!

1. Unscrew the cap of the aromatherapy bottle, insert the fiber rods into the aromatherapy bottle in a dispersed manner
2. Horizontal position on any platform, do not tilt placed
3. This fragrance needs to be diffused through the fiber rods can diffuse the fragrance
4. The number of fiber rods 4-5 for the return of appropriate, according to the production of good increase or decrease in the number of fiber rods to adjust the concentration of the fragrance
5. If you feel that the fragrance is not strong enough, you can use the fiber rods upside down, or insert more fiber rods (the more fiber rods will promote the fragrance of liquid dissipation faster) can occasionally flip the fiber rods to make it easier to diffuse the fragrance.
6. Estimated evaporation time – about 3-4 months

1. Do not contact with skin and eyes, if contacted inadvertently, please rinse with water or immediately seek medical attention.
2. Do not put the aromatherapy liquid wine on the surface of wooden furniture or household fabrics.
3. To achieve a better use of the product before use, please seal and keep away from light.
4. Keep away from heat or fire.
5. Do not eat
6. If pregnant women are sensitive to the fragrance, please do not use it.

Suggestions for product use
Q: What should I do if I think it is too strong or too weak?
A: You can control the fragrance by increasing or decreasing the number of rattan, the more rattan, the faster the volatilization speed, the stronger the fragrance, the less rattan is the opposite.

Q: When I just opened it, there is a difference between the scent and what I imagined?
A:Fireless aromatherapy is made of plant essential oils volatile solution, according to a certain proportion of blending and become, just open do not stick directly to the bottle mouth smell, need to volatilize with the help of rattan, placed 1-2 days so that the scent emitted by the fragrance is pleasant aroma.

Q:Prevent the aromatherapy liquid from spilling on the paint countertop?
A: The volatile solvents in the aromatherapy liquid, such as long time contact with the paint desktop, will react with the chemical components in the paint, resulting in corrosion and damage, it is recommended to be placed in the marble, ceramic tile surface or glass surface operation, if accidentally sprinkled on the paint desktop, wipe gently with a rag to absorb it.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

柑橘青柠罗勒 Mandarin & Lime Basil, 英國梨&小倉蘭 English Pear & Freesia, 香格理拉 ShangriLA

Diffusers Size

100ml, 250ml


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Natural Reed Diffuser 精油香氛擴香

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