The original intention of creating SMALL-PLANT is simply to integrate nature into the busy life of the city ~ by handmade, natural and creative products, to add fun to life, and at the same time will not cause any burden on the environment.

After continuous research on natural flowers and plants to present unexpected creative goods ~ hope that friends who support SMALL-PLANT can feel our heart, after continuous research on essential oils, color mixing and complex production procedures, made a cup of dessert-like soy candle gifts, I found that the essential oil candle products on the market, very little can be done to achieve a truly natural and customized modeling, why not! Why not break away from the limitations and design and develop your own customized gifts to satisfy your customers, so that the power of the senses and emotions can be extended and changed infinitely?

Candles were first born in Ancient Egyptian royalty, utilizing animal fats and oils, and were the only means of illumination after the sun went down.SMALL-PLANT wants to continue the ancient tradition, improve the quality and raw materials, and use 100% pure soy wax + natural flavor to provide sweet, elegant, warm and relaxing feelings of happiness.

*People have different emotions and imaginations about the sensations of smell and sight. It helps to evoke the joy and happiness that smell and sight together bring.

*Send joy to your friends.

Enjoying the good moments of the day has become good memories!