Est. 2018

The Story of SMALL-PLANT

The idea behind SMALL-PLANT is to provide everyone who knows me the opportunity to have some alone time, listen to their favorite music, follow their own footsteps without haste, let go of their posture, face a peaceful, natural setting, and experience the serenity that comes with it~!

Pour yourself a cup of SMALL-PLANT Vanilla Fruit Tea to start the new day!

Hello! My name is Pei Wen.

Greetings from SMALL-PLANT, a world influenced by the flowers and plants found in nature.

I’m a modest Malaysian visual designer from Perak who has always been a vanilla tea drinker out of personal choice. Every morning when I have a cup of herbal tea before work, I am roused to investigate the mysteries of nature because of herbal tea. Additionally, the experience of drinking tea is frequently associated with people and things, all of which leave an imprint on my memory, along with every visual scene, piece of music, setting, subject, and individual.

Despite the seemingly disparate nature of these interests, tea drinking has allowed me to bring my passions together into a creative environment that started out as “小植坊 | SMALL-PLANT”. It allows me to expand the definition of what it means to drink tea and establish a connection with those who share my passion for tea.

If you’re a tea enthusiast or would like to know more about tea. Kindly tell me about your favorite tea, a recipe you would want to see, or simply about the most amazing thing you’ve ever done with tea. I hope to hear from you soon! Great memories cannot be created without a cup of tea! Make tea frequently to stave off your thirst!

小植坊 Small-Plant