What is the Bible?
The Bible is an influential book!
It explores big questions like why do we exist?
The Bible is God’s book to mankind and is the only way to understand the Most High God, like a little library of death, life, struggles, and deep questions.

ALABASTER presents the Bible with an attitude of experiencing the good life. God’s goodness can be experienced in our daily lives – at work, in our relationships, and in our communities.

By combining visual images and beautiful design with the words of the Bible, we present an aesthetically pleasing Bible that allows us to return to a purely visual experience and dialogue with God, and then the art inspires us to think and reflect in new ways.

Let’s take a journey to explore and experience the presence of the Creator!

What We Believe

Beauty is essential to our understanding of who God is.

We live in a visual culture. Each of us makes pictures and images of various kinds and is influenced by what we see. We cherish the ability to bring this visual reality into our faith, believing that the Bible is full of divine revelation, divine trust, and divine authority, and we incorporate all of these divine elements into everything we create and do.

In ancient Greek, Kalos means “beauty”. This beauty can symbolize inner goodness.

This means that “beauty” is not just an aesthetic perception, but a way of experiencing life, the world, and attitudes. It is a way of experiencing life, the world, and attitudes. The good life is the ability to contribute to human flourishing in our daily lives, in our work, in our relationships, or in our communities.

Alabaster bibles Q&A

The Alabaster Bible is an aesthetically pleasing Bible that incorporates visual images as if it were an art/lifestyle magazine.

Alabaster, founded by two young Chinese American Christians studying visual design in Los Angeles (Bryan Chung & Brian Chung), has been distributing the Chinese version of the Bible in Asia since last year.

When Brian received his first copy of the traditional Bible at his college fellowship, he felt that the layout was tight and strict, and the thin paper and black cover was intimidating and not friendly enough for the younger generation who live in a world of images, so they designed and published a Bible that looks like a textured lifestyle magazine. The inspiration for this design comes from the independent magazines Kinfolk and Drift, which we are all very familiar with. Therefore, in addition to adding a large number of pictures, they have also changed the text into an easy-to-read and modern sans-serif font, and intentionally used a large amount of white space to create a sense of tranquility when reading, which will bring more space for readers to think. We also hope to spread the gospel to as many people as possible, so that people, especially the young Chinese, can be free from prejudice against the Bible.

There are currently 13/14(esther) Bibles published in Asia, and our team has been working hard to bring all 66 volumes to you. If you have a book that you would like to have, please leave a message and let us know.

The Alabaster Bible is in both the Chinese Universal Version (CUV), which is commonly used in Chinese churches, and the New Popular Translation (NLT), which is commonly used in English churches. We believe in the divine inspiration, faithfulness and authority of the Bible. Therefore, we have woven visual images throughout each book of the Bible.

We are working on expanding the book to other translations. If you have a translation you would like to see, please let us know!

The founders studied the scriptures with theologians before creating each volume, and our creative team did the biblical research and original design/graphics, most of which were designed and photographed by the founders themselves. Each book has a thematic color, for example, the Psalms portray a variety of rich, natural moods, so we used a variety of earth tones (greens, browns, and sepia) to echo each other in the creative process. Therefore, the whole production process usually takes about 5 months.

Our Bibles are printed in Hong Kong and Canada.