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  • $SGD 39.50

    An ultra-practical and convenient teapot. 3 in 1 – brewing container + sieve + drainer. You can brew any type of tea in this type. Made from high quality materials – heat-resistant glass, food-grade plastic, polished stainless steel.

    • High temperature resistant PC cup lid
    • Mouth-High temperature resistant PC liner High temperature 137°C Low temperature resistant -30°C
    • 304# Stainless Steel Strainer Laser perforated, fine mesh strainer Easily filter fine tea residue
    • Built-in sealing silicone ring Baby pacifier grade material Seal the soup without dripping

    Product Description Material : Food Safe PC (Lid) , Food Safe 304 Stainless Steel (Filter) , Food Safe Borosilicate Glass ( Mug )

    quick, immense, steep

    Height : 11.8cm
    Diameter : 8cm (excluding handle)

    Product Information:
    Convenient & easy to clean. Separates tea leaves in just one push Made of strong borosilicate glass, able to withstand both hot and cold temperatures.
    Able to withstand temperature difference between -20 °C to up to 150 °C Food-grade filter, zero-spring. No-rust tendency. Suitable for teas that need to be soaked

    Use & Care:
    – Wash in warm, soap water before first use and dry thoroughly
    – Hand wash only

  • $SGD 40.90$SGD 85.00

    The teapot is made of bamboo and wood beams, with a high color value … Made of high borosilicate glass, the body of the teapot is crystal clear, and the claw marks of the teacup filter out the broken tea leaves, making it easy for you to drink your tea with a comfortable grip.

    Teapot 800 ml

    Teapot 1000 ml

    Teacup 100 ml

    Wooden Tray

    Set = Teapot 1000mlx1 | Teacups x4 | Wooden Tray x1

  • $SGD 59.00$SGD 89.00

    Heat-resistant and anti-burst High borosilicate glass has a higher coefficient of expansion than ordinary glass, so you don’t have to worry about heating and blowing up.

    Size :18.5 x 4.7cm
    Capacity :600 ml

    Size :6.7 x 6.7cm
    Capacity :100 ml

    Wooden Tray
    Size :18.5x36cm

    Tea Set : Teapot x 1 | Teacups x 4 | Wooden Tray x 1

  • $SGD 12.90$SGD 59.90

    Made of high borosilicate glass, it can be used for both electric ceramic stove and open flame tea making. The curved spout provides a smooth flow of water and a clean break without “drooling”. The solid wood handle is durable, comfortable to hold, and has good heat insulation.

    *The lid is not a perfect fit and is generally loose, so please hold the lid button down when you are almost finished pouring to prevent the lid from falling off.
    *Flower teapot glass surface there may be small dots, small scratches, small polishing marks, hand-blown glass is inevitable, very slight and will not affect the use, does not belong to the quality of Oh.
    * handle on both sides of the copper material, there will be varying degrees of oxidation traces, the longer the use of time, the color will be more uniform and deeper, this is the passage of time to give its unique aesthetic ~

    Size :18.5×4.7cm
    Capacity :750 ml

    Size :6.5x6X2cm
    Capacity :70 ml

  • $SGD 58.00

    The mouth of the pot has been flared and deflected, so that the water can be poured more smoothly and is not easy to leak~

    Heat-resistant from -20°C to 150°C.

    Size :6.5x19cm
    Capacity :1400 ml