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    SMALL-PLANT Scented Candle produces a soothing crackling sound when you light it, which adds a luxurious, cozy experience to any space.
    Formulated using the finest ingredients, it’s perfect for maintaining a delicious scent in your room all day and all night.

    We Keeping with the original idea, every fragrant candle has a special #Keyword that highlights the positive aspects of our lives and our beliefs.

    We presented the “sentence” in the design by using the blessing from God; we liked the blessing’s straightforward and innate spirit!

    [Contents] 160g Soy Candle
    [Ingredients] Soybean wax, beeswax, essential oils
    [Size] Bottle size] Diameter 7cmxHigh 9cm
    [Burning time] about 30 hours+/-
    [Preservation] Unopened can be stored for three years.
    [Applicable] Small ping space about 3-4 ping Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms and smaller living spaces.

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    現在疫情的時代,口罩成為我們的必需品。 讓神的話真的掛在我們的頸項上,時時提醒、反覆思想, 就能將神的話刻印在我們心中: 主賜你真平安、祂與你同在,因為祂就是愛。
    口罩防掉掛繩 讓你在外隨時要用餐、飲水、需要短暫拿下口罩時 不用塞在包包裡、不用放在桌子上 掛在胸前即可喔!

    • 有成人款長度
    • 有兒童款長度
    • 三段長度調節
    • 神的話賜你力量
    • 讓經過的人也可以看見信仰
    • 有機會傳福音

    [箴言3章3-4節] 不可使慈愛誠實離開你,要繫在你頸項上,刻在你心版上, 這樣,你必在神和世人眼前蒙恩寵,有聰明。


    米白–Jehovah Shalom 主賜平安 The Lord Our peace (耶和華沙龍,神是我們的平安)
    黑色–Love comes from God神是愛God is Love (愛是從神而來,神就是愛)
    卡其–Immanuel以馬內利God with us (以馬內利,神與我們同在)

    成人 :70cm、66cm、62cm
    兒童 :46cm、42cm、38cm