Glass Kettle /Bottle Series

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  • $SGD 12.00$SGD 16.00

    Healthy hydration quality of life!!!!

    Hydration at any time, the portable cup can be packed in the bag or carried in the hand, convenient and lightweight, reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles, more friendly to the natural environment~.
    Cycling, running, yoga, hiking, sports and fitness, take me with you, say go, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the leisure and comfort brought by the moment you pick up the cup~!

    Tea Leak Mug 430ml
    Size :7.4×15.6cm

    Tea Funnel Mug 530ml
    Size :7.4×18.6cm

    * The cup is suitable for temperature 0-50℃, too high temperature can lead to heat deformation.
    * Transparent bottle has some scratches is a normal process phenomenon.

  • $SGD 35.00

    Double Glass Insulated Magnetic Tea Storage Water Bottle
    ~New way to make tea, magnetic pop-up tea bottle

    6 Highlights:

    1. Safe Material
    2. One lid for multiple uses
    3. One-touch brewing
    4. Cold and heat resistant
    5. Silicone cup cover
    6. No leakage when inverted
    7. Made of Tritan

    Size :6.5×16.2cm
    Capacity :220 ml

  • $SGD 45.90$SGD 50.90

    剔透质感 , 耐酸耐碱 , 清洁方便~~~

    尺寸 :21x10cm
    容量 :1100 ml

    尺寸 :24x11cm
    容量 :1700 ml