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    •  Aroma & Taste | Full-Bodied | Naturally Fruity

    Yunnan has an abundance of ancient tree teas ~ the high altitude creates a rich, high aroma and high aged trees, and the "wildness" in the bones is accentuated to bring out the fullness of the soup, making the wild black tea

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    • This tea is made from high quality Yunnan large-leaf tea plants, grown at a high altitude above 1700 meters, and has a refreshing aroma with the unique aroma of Yunnan Biluochun. The bitterness and astringency is much lighter than traditional green tea, and it is also more resistant to brewing!

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    •  Brownish Red Color | Pure Taste | Unique Aroma of Aging

    After several years of polishing, the quality and taste of Yunnan Pu'er has changed sharply, and the aroma of the tea is more charming and the taste is even better.