ALABASTER Beauty Bible

聖經是上帝写给人类的书,也是唯一可以了解這位至高神的途徑, 就像是一個小小圖書館講述死亡,生命,掙扎,深奧的問題。。。

ALABASTER 以一種經歷美好生活的態度來呈現聖經。在我們的日常生活當中~工作、人際關係或社區裡都能體驗到神的美好。

以視覺圖像加上精美設計與聖經的文字結合,呈現的美感聖經,讓人類回歸到單純的視覺感受和與神對話, 接著藝術啟發我們的思考,並以新的方式進行反思。


What We Believe

Beauty matters in our understanding of who God is. We live in a visual culture.

Everyone makes images and we are shaped by what we see. We value bringing this visual reality to a faith-based context. We believe in the divine inspiration, trustworthiness and authority of the Bible—and we bring this into everything we make and do.

Kalos is the word for beauty in the original Greek; it literally means beautiful as a sign of inward goodness.

This means beauty isn’t just an aesthetic—it’s a way of going through the world. To live beautifully is to live a life that contributes to human flourishing—in our work, in our relationships, in our communities.

Alabaster bibles Q&A

AlabasterThe Bible is an aesthetic Bible with visual images, like an art /life magazine.

Alabaster It was founded by two young Chinese Christians studying visual design in Los Angeles, USA. (Bryan Chung & Brian Chung)The Chinese version of the Bible has been distributed in Asia since last year.

FounderBrianWhen I received my first copy of the traditional Bible at the University Fellowship, I thought the layout was tight and dense, the thin paper and the plain black cover looked serious and intimidating, not friendly enough for the young generation who live with a lot of images, so the Bible designed and published by them looks like a textured life magazine, and this design is indeed inspired by the independent magazines that you and I are familiar with《Kinfolk》with《Drift》,Therefore, in addition to adding a large number of pictures, they have also changed the text to an easy-to-read and modern sans serif font, and deliberately used a large amount of white space to create a sense of tranquility when reading, bringing the reader more room for reflection. We also hope to reach more people with the Gospel. We hope to bring the Gospel to more people, especially young Chinese people, so that they can get rid of their prejudice against the Bible.

Currently, a total of13/14(esther)This Bible, our team has been working hard to bring all66We have volumes to bring to you. If you want a volume, please leave your information and let us know!

AlabasterThe Bible is translated into the Chinese language and is commonly used in Chinese churches.(CUV)and a new popular translation in English(NLT).We believe in the Bible's divine inspiration, faithfulness and authority. We believe in the divine inspiration, trustworthiness and authority of the Bible. Therefore, we have woven visual images into the full text of each book of the Bible.

We are working on expanding the books to other translations. If you have a translation you would like, please let us know by leaving your information

Our creative team conducts biblical research and original design/graphic production, and most of the works are designed and photographed by the founders themselves. Each book has a theme color, for example, the Psalms portrays different rich and natural moods, so we use various earth tones (green, brown and tan) to echo each other in the process. Therefore, the whole production process usually takes about5months.

Our bibles are printed in Hong Kong and Canada