I believe in a Lord who created heaven and earth!

God Father. God Son. Holy Spirit

I was so ashamed of God that I treated the church like a hotel, and listened to God's words without listening to them, and came to the Father only when I needed Him, but when I didn't need Him, it was as if He didn't exist. Now I look back at my past self.

Thank God! For letting me know Him from a young age and for putting me into a character that demands perfection. I have been in the wilderness because of the pursuit of perfection. When God took away everything that was important to me or that I could not lose.He can have my complete attention at this time. In "waiting" there is such a purpose.When I couldn't go on and cried on my knees, I learned more and more about myself because of God's unfailing love for me. God is the way, and because of hope, I wait.If there is no hope, why do we need to wait?Man lives to hope, and hope in the coming of the Lord to be truly free!

The closer we get to God, the greater our love and faith will become! And the more we realize that we only need to love God with all our heart and soul, and everything will be more than enough.

So I want to write down here what God has said to me!