Bringing Nature Home

In order to integrate nature into the busy life of the city ~ creative products made by hand and natural, adding fun to life while not causing any burden to the environment.

Through our endless exploration and research on flowers and plants-based. We have created unexpected creative gifts, hoping to bring unique and special gift, in respond to genuine needs expressed by our customer.

The candle was first created in ancient Egypt by the royal family and was the only means of illumination after the sun went down, using animal fat.
SMALL-PLANT wants to continue the ancient tradition and improve the quality and ingredients, using 100% pure soy wax + natural fragrance to provide a sweet, elegant, warm and relaxing feeling of happiness.

* People have different emotions and imaginations about the sensations brought by smell and sight.
Help people evoke the sense of joy and happiness that smell and sight bring together.
*Send joy to your friends around you

SMALL-PLANT regards "the constant pursuit of progress and the delight of the senses and mind" as its first goal.

With the pressure of modern life, many people will spend their holiday afternoons relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee to settle their busy minds and soothe their tense moods through the warmth and scent of scented candles!

Sense Travel

Art of Living...

SMALL-PLANT Place Take your favorite scented candle on a journey with you!

Each room has its own unique smell, so the whole day travel around, can not travel out of the small happiness, is to light a different scented candle, light a small flame, and then together to talk about what happened today, how did the day go?

Monday to Sunday for you
Did you have a conversation with yourself?

Light a candle with your favorite scent
The flickering candlelight heats up the space

The change of identity throughout the day brings a little bit of mood
Relax and add some imagination to the happiness brought by the fragrance!