Est. 2018

The story of SMALL-PLANT

I have looked for happiness in the natural environment, happiness brought by simple contact. The natural environment allows us to go forward with curiosity, to uncover the mystery of nature, to understand the mystery of the prairie, and to extract the pure natural small plants to extract the personal brand "Little Plant Factory", flowers and plants to touch nature, purify nature, cater to nature, from time to time to harvest the experience of the four seasons, embellished with the voice of freedom! When it's hot, it's shy; when it's cold, it's zen; when the sun is first kissed, it smiles and doesn't say a word; when the rain is moist, it opens its heart and feels the cleansing of the soul.

There is a lightness in the air, which is highlighted in the traces of the hearts that come to me, and suddenly there is a surging sense of life that is hard to describe. Flowers and grasses assault people's feelings, making bees and butterflies dance. Floating in the wings of time, twirling the fragrance of flowers, grass, butterfly chanting, melting into one; painting, mind, Zen, rubbing into one. Close your eyes, enjoy the beauty, and collect this pure land away from the hustle and bustle. Everyone has his own quiet moment, listening to his favorite music, following his own footsteps without hurrying, planning, thinking and settling himself. I will try my best to maintain the warmth of this place, and hope that you can slow down your pace because of my warmth and attitude.

小植坊 無咖啡因花草系列 ~晚上喝茶也不用擔心睡不著!

我們家的花草茶不含咖啡因,不會讓人睡不著,也能幫大家舒緩助眠哦~ 即便長期喝,也不會有心悸或腸胃不適等問題,很適合對咖啡因很敏感的朋友…

我們家花草茶有多款風味,安神、靜心、舒活、亮研~精心挑选用 像是薄荷、杭菊、茉莉、桂花、玫瑰等,不同花草都有不同香氣,也擁有花卉草本植物的天然特性…

Hi! Im Pei Wen

Welcome to SMALL-PLANT ~ a world inspired by the ingenuity of nature's flowers and plants.

I am an visual designer from Malaysia, who has been drinking herbal tea for many years as a personal preference. The curiosity to explore the mysteries of nature and the feeling that drinking herbal tea has a direct link with people and things, stays in the memory of every visual scene, music, environment, topic, person.

Although these interests may seem broad, it was through drinking tea that I combined these passions into a creative space and started SMALL-PLANT, a way for me to connect with people who love tea and to broaden the idea of what it means to drink tea.

If you are a tea lover or are interested in learning more about tea, please drop me a line to tell me about your favourite teas, recipes you would like to see or even your latest superlative tea experience. Please send me a message about your favourite tea, a recipe you would like to see or even your latest awesome tea experience. I'd love to hear from you! Nothing builds memories without a cup of tea! Make tea regularly and stay thirsty!

小植坊 Small-Plant