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    Small Plant Handmade Chocolate Almond, a gift that speaks to the heart!Savour the taste of sweet happiness in each bite! Have a delicious and fun Christmas~~~
    Celebrate Christmas 2022 with Small Plant Chocolate!Tasty and fun! Let this Christmas be merrier than before~~~

    Small Plant believes that our friends and families should have healthy snacks whenever they are looking for a bite! Share your love!
    Our Christmas chocolate concept this year is to combine great flavor and endless fun. The leading of the Holy Spirit inspired the game of tic-tac-toe, where the winner shall proclaim the three winning blessings, sharing this wonderful blessings with friends!

    ▪ Our chocolates are the right touch of sweetness, guaranteed to be loved by both young and old!

    ▪ Tic-Tac-Toe is a 2-player game played on a 3-by-3 grid. Taking turns, players attempt to form a line of 3 with the chocolate flavor of their choice. The winning line of 3 can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.  

    Christmas Almond Chocolate. Ingredients:Chocolate, Australian Almond

    Assorted Chocolate Blend: 250g+/- (21 pieces +/-) individually wrapped
    Box : Width 16.5cm Width 7cm Height 5.5cm
    Easy to store (additional food dry card)

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    ▪ Slightly bitter/ Nourishing lungs | Calm mind

    Apple flowers are perennial trees in the family Rosaceae, which are white trumpet-shaped, and they like to grow in warm places. Its flowers and colors are bright. It has the functions of nourishing or relieving neuralgia, nourishing blood, clearing acne, whitening, and regulating blood and Qi. It also has the effect of relieving depression, regulating endocrine and nourishing the uterus. Women who often experience menstrual pain may wish to drink more.

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    ▪ Rich in anthocyanin | Reduce spots and beautifying skin

    Butterfly Pea Flower, also known as Blue Butterfly and Blue Flower, is rich in vitamins A, C and E, which can improve immunity, help and promote skin elasticity and collagen production. People in Southeast Asian countries use it to brew tea. Butterfly Pea Flower contains natural anthocyanins, soaked in water after drying, the water is blue, add lemon juice will turn purple, which can be used as a food stain or cocktail.

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    Life as I feel ~ simple appearance of each detail has its own meaning of existence, so that the use of more suitable for you ~

    (Suitable for teapots with a capacity of 250ml~1000ml)

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    ▪ No broken petals | Sleep guardian

    Chamomile is a genus of Asteraceae, which is native to Europe, has a long history and is widely used as medicinal plants of Asteraceae. Chamomile is divided into two types: Roman chamomile and German chamomile. Among them, German chamomile has the most commercial and medical value, and it is made into products such as extracted lozenges, essential oils, creams, etc. Tea bags are the best-selling products, and it is one of the drinks that millions of people must drink every day.

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    讓香草果乾茶代替手摇饮 喝起来没负担一身轻!


    聖誕禮品 #01 熱飲配套:
    *香草果乾花茶~果乾茶 /花茶 (350ml 熱飲紙杯)
    *杏仁巧克力 X2
    *夏威夷果蛋白霜餅 X2

    聖誕禮品 #02 冷飲配套:
    *香草果乾花茶~果乾茶 /花茶 (500ml 冷泡瓶)
    *杏仁巧克力 X2
    *雪花酥 X2

    建議 小植坊的食品應儲存在陰涼、黑暗的地方, 避免直接接觸陽光,以確保最好的味道!

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    ▪ Fresh and Fragrant | Whole Piece of Flower

    Do you like white Chrysanthemum tea served in Chinese restaurants? Then you're going to love our Chrysanthemum tea! It's perfectly dried right after picking. Zero calories and caffeine free, for a calming evening after a busy day.

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    ▪ Fresh and Fragrant | Whole Piece of Flower

    An exceptionally soothing and refreshing floral tea with a hint of honey. This Oriental Chinese Chrysanthemum tea has been the most popular herbal tea in China for thousands of years. Made from 100% organic chrysanthemum flower buds. Our fresh chrysanthemum buds calm the mind and reduce stress. A meditation cup to enjoy at any time of the day. Naturally caffeine free.

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    High borosilicate glass, refuse pollution, -30 ℃ to 150 ℃ temperature change, will not burst, high temperature fire firing, crystal clear, pleasing to the eye beauty!

    (Suitable for teapots with a capacity of 250ml~1000ml)

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    健康补水 品质生活!!!

    随时补充水分,随身杯可装在包内或拎在手上,方便轻巧, 减少使用一次性塑料瓶,对自然环境更友好~
    骑行、跑步、瑜伽、登山、运动健身等,带上我,说走就走,随 时随地享受端起杯子那一刻带来的闲暇与惬意~

    茶漏杯 430ml
    尺寸 :7.4×15.6cm

    茶漏杯 530ml
    尺寸 :7.4×18.6cm

    * 杯身适合温度0-50℃温度,温度过高可导致受热变形
    * 透明瓶身有些许划痕属正常工艺现象

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    SMALL-PLANT will help you to make your daily gift-giving choices and upgrade your good taste in gift-giving so that you will not step on mines. Say thank you to your colleagues who work hard together every day! If you don't want to burden them with gifts, but want to express your gratitude, Little Plant offers 3 real gifts within the budget of $15 for your colleagues who help each other to express your gratitude for their work and help!

    Snowflake Crisp Ingredients~ Powdered milk, butter, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, crispbread...
    ▪Our handmade snowflake pastry recipe has been developed to be 'different' sweet but not overly sweet, and most importantly, moderately sweet ~ a happy dessert that both children and adults will love!  

    SMALL-PLANT Flower Tea~Made from ingredients sent directly from all over the country to create a light and healing herbal tea with no additives
    ▪ Light Care Healing Hydration Experience"`

    Daily True Gift #01 Single Pack
    x2 Detox Water/Tea = ( 7g+/- )
    x2 Snowflake Crisp = 4x4cm ( 3g+/- )
    x1 Pet Bottle = 15.2×7.7×3.2cm ( 500ml )

    Daily True Gift #02 Single Pack
    x3 Flower Tea = ( 4g+/- )
    x3 Snowflake Crisp = 4x4cm ( 3g+/- )
    x1 Pet Bottle = 15.2×7.7×3.2cm ( 500ml )

    Daily True Gift #03 Single Pack
    x4 Kampo Tea = ( 7g+/- )
    x4 Snowflake Crisp = 4x4cm ( 3g+/- )

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    • 安心材质
    • 一盖多用
    • 一键泡茶
    • 耐冷耐热
    • 硅胶杯套
    • 倒置不漏
    • 采用Tritan材质

    尺寸 :6.5×16.2cm
    容量 :220 ml

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    ▪ Refreshing| Sweet and Sour

    A small kumquat is rich in nutrients, and it is a drink that many people use to replenish themselves with the right amount of vitamin C when they feel sick in the throat or feel like they are about to catch a cold.

    Kumquat is sweet and sour with a strong fruity taste, which helps to improve appetite and is suitable for those who have lost their appetite.

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    ▪ Fresh and Fruity| | Sweet

    Red dragon fruit contains phytoalbumin, which is less commonly found in fruits and vegetables. This albumin will bind with heavy metal ions in the body and play a detoxifying role. It is rich in antioxidant vitamin C, which can whiten skin and prevent dark spots. In addition, dragon fruit is also very rich in iron content.

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    ▪ Slightly Aromatic | Sour Taste


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    ▪ Fresh and Fruity| Sweet and Sour

    Kiwi fruit has beauty benefits, antioxidant properties, and has a positive effect on the elimination of wrinkles and fine lines.

    Rich in dietary fiber and low in fat, it is good for weight loss and beauty...