What is the Bible?

Nature is a masterpiece of God's creation, revealing His good attributes
There is a special beauty in the biblical depiction of nature, a special beauty that comes from the Psalm "Nature and God

I wonder: What if we treated the Bible like a cell phone. What would happen?
What if we always carry the Bible with us (in our pockets or bags) wherever we go?
How about if we accidentally lose the Bible, we will definitely go back to find it?
What if we could go through the Bible several times a day?
How about if we always receive messages through the Bible?
What if we are of the 'can't live without the Bible' mentality?
What if we gave the Bible as a valuable gift to our children?
What if our first response when an emergency occurs is to think of the Bible?

The Bible is not like a cell phone, we never have to worry about the Bible not working because Jesus has paid for it in full! 
Consider: "If you are truly risen with Christ, then think. Think about things above, not about things on earth" Colossians 3:2 Christians are a heavenly people, living on earth, but not of this world.
Jesus said, "My country does not belong to this world』~

Experience the Bible of Beauty ~Chinese and English translations

ALABASTER presents the Bible with an attitude of experiencing the good life. God's beauty can be experienced in our daily lives - at work, in our relationships and in our communities. By combining visual imagery with beautiful design and biblical text, we present a beautiful Bible that returns us to a simple visual experience and dialogue with God, followed by art that inspires us to think and reflect in new ways. Let's take a journey to explore and experience the presence of the Creator!