Even kids who don't like water will love the fresh, sweet and nutritious homemade dried vanilla fruit water!

As we head into the summer heat, the little ones in the house are full of energy and sweat as they run around playing, Drinking lots of water has become a talking point for mothers and children, but what about babies who don't like to drink straight from the bottle and just want to quench their thirst with a cool, sugary drink?To add flavour to plain water, dried vanilla fruit water is a good choice. It not only increases children's willingness to drink water, but also awakens their imaginative sense of taste, sight and smell, as they slowly learn about different types of fruit.But how to drink healthily and with peace of mind? We use fruits and flowers from all over the world to create "Vanilla Fruit Drying Water", a natural ingredient delivered directly from producers across the country!No additional flavours, preservatives, saccharin, added. etc.,喝多了也不會造成身體負擔。